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Empowering the Un-Sheltered Community Through Entrepreneurship in Downtown Los Angeles

Our Business is Simple

We are a social enterprise dedicated to ending homelessness through employment and entrepreneurship. We equip our team members with the tools to run their own individual business as Street Vendors. WITHOUT SHELTER provides the infrastructure, financial backing, marketing and design. We collaborate with key community leaders who have the drive to build something of their own. Why? Because, we believe a person without a job is like a ship without a sail. 

We Empower

WITHOUT SHELTER began as an idea between two partners, an experienced homeless community organizer and an entrepreneurial social worker, both dedicated to empowering the community, and providing a viable, scale-able solution to reduce homelessness on a national scale. We are a small apparel enterprise dedicated to making a difference in our community, one person at a time. All of our Street Vendors have the opportunity to work themselves out of poverty and into shelter, within 90 days. 

We Are Transparent

In our shop, customers have the choice to buy a product for themselves to support our job program where we develop products to sell and train people to sell them. Or, customers can buy products to immediately give someone a job and products that we manufacture go directly to Street Vendors, for them to sell. We give the choice to our customers and WITHOUT SHELTER does all the footwork. We train all our salespeople and provide all of the items for sale. Our goal is to keep creating items, to provide more job opportunities to lift people out of houselessness. To give them a hand up, not a hand out. 

Proceeds from T-shirt Sales Benefit Front Line Workers


Help Us, Help the Community in the Battle Against COVID-19