Why we love what we do

As of 2019, there were nearly 59,000 people living on the street on any given night in Los Angeles County. That number has risen by over 6,000 in just one year. With rising housing costs and a city that has done little to house this population, WITHOUT SHELTER has stepped in to meet some of their immediate needs. 

Most importantly, these are people who have fallen on hard times. Many are capable, highly functioning adults, that are in need of both employment and shelter. With a steady income, one can purchase a room, or even a hotel room, yet the jobs available are sparse and many refuse to hire this population, simply because of their 'homeless status.'

So, WITHOUT SHELTER was born to solve this challenge. Giving people both an opportunity to earn a living wage and cover their immediate expenses provides them with choices that poverty so often removes. At WITHOUT SHELTER, our goal is that within 90 days of employment, our "Street Vendors" are able to afford their own housing in Los Angeles, despite the high rent costs. Our Street Vendors earn enough income on each sale to feed them for a day, house them, and have plenty of money left over to empower them with the choices to meet other financial demands as they arise. 


We design all of our merchandise in house and manufacture them locally in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Our Street Vendors sell everything "gorilla style," on the street. All products are also available on our website for purchase, so you can help us spread the word and end houselessness NOW!