Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion Options That Make A Difference To Those In The Area


If you are interested in helping out people in need in the Los Angeles, CA area, one way is with the purchase of Ethical Fashion choices that look great and send a message to others who view them. Homelessness is a huge crisis in the city and people without a place to stay can actually make money by working for a business in the area. Without Shelter is a company in Los Angeles that dedicates time to helping those in need. People who are on the streets in need of safe housing work for this business at peddling t-shirts made especially to help with housing costs. Fifty percent of profits go to making new Ethical Fashion clothing while the other fifty percent is set aside to help sellers obtain housing. If you are interested in making a difference, look for our workers at Pershing Square or Staples Center. They are also found selling shirts at the metro and city bus system areas.