Obtain Housing With Assistance From A Company In The Area


Housing costs in the Los Angeles, CA area are relatively high compared to other areas in the United States. Unfortunately, the area has a homelessness problem that needs to be dealt with to help these people get to safe areas. One company in the area, Without Shelter, is doing its part to help. This business offers the opportunity to homeless people in the area to sell products that will raise money for them to obtain a home of their own. Half of the profits obtained from sales of the items will be placed back into the company to make more products to sell. The other half is passed on to the sellers to help them find affordable housing in the area. This is a great business opportunity for those in need. If you need help, contact our business get started in the selling process. If you wish to help those in need, please purchase an item from a seller when you come across a street vendor from our business.