WITHOUT SHELTER's Employment Program has Zero Barrier's to entry, meaning anyone can apply and be accepted to work in the Job Program and start immediately at one of our 4 Locations spread out across the City of Los Angeles. We currently offer sales positions, which require individuals to have the physical ability to stand for more than 6 hours. All Team Members must be legal to work in the United States to qualify for a position.


Upon acceptance into the program, individuals are provided with a full uniform (shirt, pants, and socks), transportation, and 1 meal per day of work for their time and effort. Job Training begins at the Site Location designated for work and extends for 1 week, before the new team member is placed on the Payroll cycle as a Street Vendor. During this time, the individual is volunteering their time as they learn how to sell our merchandise from others who are already on the Team. If they make a sale, they earn the commission on the next Pay Day.

Structure & Payment

All Street Vendors are designated as Independent Contractors once they complete the one-week training period. They are paid on a commission basis for each item sold, either at a location or out on their own. We pay $5 for each shirt sold, $10 per watch sold, and we split the donations received on a paper we sell daily. WITHOUT SHELTER does not require attendance at our established locations for Contractors, though we do suggest it due to the high traffic we receive. Transportation is offered to each Contractor willing to work at a location, along with a meal. Paydays occur every two weeks.