Job Program

Help Those In A Job Program With The Purchase Of Unique T-Shirts

A Job Program in the Los Angeles, CA area is in place via the help of a respectable company in the area who wishes to help those who are currently homeless. Without Shelter is a business that creates t-shirts with an inspiring message printed upon them regarding the seriousness of helping those less fortunate who need a safe place to call home. The t-shirts are made from high-quality material and will help spread the word to others about homelessness. These shirts are sold "gorilla style" by homeless people themselves on the streets of Los Angeles. Look for our workers in the Pershing Square and Staples Center areas as well as on Los Angeles metro and city buses. If you come across a street vendor, please consider making a purchase to help change the life of someone in need. If you require a home of your own, reach out to us to get started in selling shirts to save for a safe place to sleep.