Most people who are experiencing homelessness are receiving some type of governmental benefits. For example, some have SSI/SSDI (disability), some have GR (general relief), some receive CalFresh/SNAP (food stamps), or all three. Receiving these benefits is crucial to their survival and many keep them if their income stays low enough to qualify. Each person has a different maximum income threshold, depending on the amount received. $1500 is usually the monthly income maximum. 

Before a candidate begins training, each person must fill out a brief questionnaire that provides this information to WITHOUT SHELTER. This is KEY to our model because we do not want them to lose their benefits while working with us. 

WITHOUT SHELTER is a social enterprise and self-sustaining. All sales from our products go toward supporting and expanding our job program. We constantly provide opportunities for our Street Vendors to sell the items we manufacture.


WITHOUT SHELTER sells items on our website to the general public. A customer has the opportunity to either purchase one of our items for themselves or give that item to a Street Vendor to sell on their own, depending on the item purchased. This way the Street Vendor can sell the already purchased item for whatever price they can get and keep all the income.  This creates a job immediately and gives the Street Vendor money in their pocket, once they sell the item.

Housing referrals are offered to Street Vendors who can earn as much as $750/ month. WITHOUT SHELTER is committed to placing these individuals when they can earn enough to cover rent.