Giving People In Los Angeles The Chance For A Safe Shelter

Those who live on the streets are prone to illnesses and violence from others. Unfortunately, many people lose their homes due to insufficient funds to keep up with house payments or rent. One company in Los Angeles, CA has taken part in helping those who are in need of Shelter with a unique business opportunity. Each person in need of housing has the chance to sell products on the streets to save up money to use for a home of their own. Half of the profit made from the sales of t-shirts, watches, and other accessories is placed back into the company, Without Shelter, to print more materials to sell. The other half of the profit is used toward obtaining a safe Shelter in the Los Angeles, CA area. If you are in need of shelter yourself, contact our business to get started in obtaining the money necessary for basic needs. If you wish to help those needing shelter, be sure to purchase a product when you come across a worker selling our wares.